"JR's shows are creative and contemporary yet are centered around engaging the performers, audience AND judges."  When you see and hear JR's work, the intent of the program is crystal clear which is something we need to see more of in outdoor pageantry."

--Scott Koter, DCI Hall of Fame

Program Coordination

Every part of a production must work in concert with one another to create successful design. My production design is a detailed and educationally sound. I work within the confines of your strengths and weaknesses while being accessible throughout the process. I have created countless memorable shows, 9 of which have earned class champion Honors at BOA Regional and Super Regional Championships. package includes everything we need to create a memorable production:

  • Research and Musical Source Material
  • Thematic Conceptualization
  • Storyboarding
  • Coordination with Music Staff
  • Uniforms
  • Props
  • Equipment
  • Drill Design and Staging