"JR's shows are creative and contemporary yet are centered around engaging the performers, audience AND judges."  When you see and hear JR's work, the intent of the program is crystal clear which is something we need to see more of in outdoor pageantry."
--Scott Koter, DCI Hall of Fame Member




It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to my home on the web!  First and foremost I consider myself a fan of the marching arts. The 2019 season begins my twenty-ninth year of involvement in our activity.  

Whether you need an extra pair of eyes and ears in your design meeting or you need someone to conceptualize flags and props, or color guard and band uniforms, I can lend a hand. Maybe you are considering a new drill designer.  My area of expertise is to create the desired reactions from your marching band's efforts. In an activity where your image is of paramount importance, it's a good idea to have fresh input.


I've been blessed to have forged countless friendships with some incredible educators and designers in our activity. Contact us today for a chat!

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